Outcomes of a workshop session with the Department of Children Services – NYC Government. 2019

PhD track presentation at the Nordic Design Research conference Nordes in Oslo, 15th of June 2017. Photo: Jabe Bloom

Workshop with Civic Service Design Studio and Parsons DESIS LAB. 3rd of July 2019.

"Applying design to rethinking and transforming governmental procedures and structures is not a standard recipe." 
Retrieved from the conference paper called "Design craft in Government" written by Marzia Mortati, Jesper Christiansen, Stefano Maffei, published by Linköping University Electronic Press. Read the paper here
Since February 2017, I have been conducting a PhD study as part of the Service Design Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen. My work is positioned in the area of Design in Government. It is contributing to this area with academic reflections and practical experiments that can help support both the advancement of research in the area of Design in Government and the evolution of Government in practice.  

Working title | Co-Design in Big City Government
Research question |  Where is/was/could be co-design in government? 
Supervisors | Nicola Morelli & Amalia De Götzen
Keywords |  co-design, city government, design capability building, organizational structures
Methodology | Research through design 
Cases & partners |  Innovationshuset (Copenhagen Municipality), Parsons DESIS Lab NYC, Civic Service Design Studio (NYC Government), Hospice Général (Public institution in Geneva), Open4citizens (Horizon 2020 research project).  
Academic peer-reviewed publications
Giordano, F. (2019). Design Capability Building in City Government. In IASDR 2019 Design Revolutions. Manchester. | READ HERE

Giordano, F., Morelli, N., Götzen, A. De, & Hunziker, J. (2018). The Stakeholder map : a conversation tool for designing people-led public services. In ServDes.2018 Service Design Proof of Concept. Milan: Linköping University Electronic Press. | READ HERE

Giordano, F. (2017). Participation & Co-Design in Public Services. Poster presented at 7th Nordic Design Research Conference, Oslo, Norway. | READ HERE

Giordano, F. (2017). Design Competences to Support Participatory Public Services. In Cumulus REDO Conference (pp. 675–679). Helsinki: Aalto University School of Art and Design.
Giordano F. (2019). Where is design in government? Medium: Civic Service Design Studio – NYC Opportunity.  | READ HERE​​​​​​​
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