A public institution in Geneva specialised in social care, called Hospice Général, is dealing with growing demands from migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The institution teamed up with Judith Hunziker (graphic/web designer), Vincent Zaugg (developer) and I (service designer) to help with facilitating the connexion of their recipients with the local life.  
What we first did is gathering all the information and services useful to people coming to Geneva that was scattered among more than 300 local organisations into one single user friendly web platform: Bonjour Genève
During the design process, we actively engaged with recipients of the public institution as well as with other people who had an interest in using such service. This project is meant to evolve towards a more social platform and perhaps even reach other geographical regions. Contact me if interest :)  
You can also here about the project from the Swiss Radio RTS min 1:50
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